Get a return on your investment. Charge your customers by setting your own tariff per kW/h for their usage.

List your chargepoints on mapping services to give your company extra advertisement.


Enable your workforce to go green and

get your grant worth up to





Companies already using Pod Point

What can installation of EV charger do for your business?

Increase footfall, as Electric Vehicle drivers will seek out, and continuously return to your location.

Show your customers your ambition to help the planet and go green.


Electric cars are becoming more popular and that growth will only get bigger over the coming years.

By 2032 most cars in the UK will be electric, so it will be a huge advantage if your customers can charge at your business location.

Prepare Your Business For The
Electric Future


Get your Commercial Grant with us

The governments workplace charging scheme (WCS) means that you could be entitled to a grant of up to 70% of the total cost of the EV charge point installation. This can amount to up to £14,000.

Get your Commercial Grant with us

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